A 3D-printed wall mount for Netgear Nighthawk mobile 5G/LTE routers

I have recently designed and printed a wall mount for Netgear’s Nighthawk mobile 5G/LTE routers. More specifically a Nighthawk M5 (MR5200).

I have been inspired by an existing commercial wall mount for the Nighthawk M-series routers by FTS Hennig GmbH:

My inspiration: the wall-mount and antenna adapter from FTS Hennig.

Unfortunately, the mount is with a price tag of around 50 EUR rather expensive. So I decided to use our new lab 3D-printer and try do design it myself usings AutoDesk’s Fusion 360 software. The result is released here under a creative commons license:

The mount contains two three mounting holes which can be used for screwing it against a wall as well as some cutouts at the bottom for the accessibility of the TS9 antenna, USB-C and Ethernet ports.

My model rendered by AutoDesk Fusion 360.

For the TS9 antenna ports, I am using the following TS-9 to SMA adapters which can be screwed into the respective holes of the mount. This allows a permanent installation of an external 5G/LTA antenna while the router can be easily removed as the adapters align right with the connectors of the router.

Screw-in TS-9 to SMA Adapters.
Final print.

Mikrocontroller & Elektronik CheatSheet

danielWie war nochmal die Pinbelegung des Festspannungsreglers?
Wie stark darf ich die Pins des Mikrocontrollers belasten?
Wie viel Volt fallen an dieser LED ab?

Häufig sind es diese kleine Fragen, die gerade Anfänger den Einstieg in die Welt Elektronik oder Mikrocontroller erschwert.

Um diesen etwas zu erleichtern und auch den erfahrenen Bastlern einen Spickzettel zur Verfügung zu stellen, habe ich folgendes CheatSheet zusammengestellt:

Download: Mikrocontroller CheatSheet

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